Finally I get a page on their blog where I get to have my say on life as a dog.
Well Black Cocker Spaniel to be precise!

I must say that Mum (KB) and Dad (Whiitesnake) look after me really well although there are times when I wonder what they get up to, spending so much time in their bedroom, while I wait patiently outside.
Dad is always joking with me and he is my chiropractor. Mum loves me and always has wonderful treats for me.

Back in the old days I thought my name had changed from Coco to "In Your Bed."
So many times I was told "in your bed" that it became confusing until Mum started calling me Coco Bell and I can handle that. So my name is Coco but I do answer to Coco Bell.

I am loving life with Mum and Dad.
Maybe next time I will get a video up.
Chow for now
Coco Bell xx

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TARLZ83 said...

if only dogs can talk they will tell u what they really think lol

KB said...

That would be interesting.

Fireblossom said...

Too cute. Bosco B says "ruff!" to Coco Bell!

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