Friday, March 18, 2011

Coco's Weekly Round Up

The trouble with humans is they do not have an inkling of how their actions effect a dogs life!

My mum has been spending a few minutes a day cutting away at my coat.
OK, it is a bit matty, OK a lot matty and smelly, a bit smelly OK a lot smelly.
"OH" I can hear dad calling out those famous words. "Dog of eternal stench where forth art thou!"
My point here is that winter is coming ........... and they decide I need a hair cut? Derrr!
Anorexic? No, just had a haircut!
An upside is I get more cuddles so there is a balance.
Still, I spend more time in bed which is so nice and warm since mum brought out my blanket.

Mum and Dad have been doing little posts these past couple of weeks so they has a post each day. I really don't know how they manage it as they work a lot and dads hours have been changing due to some ...err what were dads words.... "Useless toss bag." I can not and will not repeat the other words that were associated with it. Let us just say they were colourful and not for the faint hearted,

Apparently the man that works night shift gets in late or doesn't even turn up. He doesn't even call to let anyone know. NOW you see what I mean about humans. That sort of behaviour is very upsetting for me.
That mans behaviour effects me. Dad might not give me cuddles because he has to cover the shift. My walks could be cancelled because dad works so late.

Deep breathe girl!

Now back to the week that was.
Sunday Story Time is on the move the link is the latest installment and I do like dads Wednesday Wisdom and his Tuesday Twosomes not so sure about Frdays Fry Up but his Thursday Picture is unique.
There is of course Layback Saturday or something but stay away from Mondays Manic Moments, dad can sometimes get very angry about certian things.
My wonderful mum has also been very busy with Simply Delish (a chinese recipe is in the pipeline people) and her creativity is at its brillant best with One Shot  Oh and for those readers out there she has another Book Review throw in mums anger at the neighbours of course there is the walkabout that never was thanks to that useless toss bag.

My bed, My blanket, My happy place

Keeping up with KB is always good to follow. For those of you that like photos of the sunsets, mums Skywatch is beautiful.

Speaking of beautiful things mum got her test results back from the doctor and she is motoring along with all her hard work paying off.

Well my darlings that is all from me. I think I have updated everything.
Don't worry me lovelies I am quite well look after. Just have to keep mum and dad on their toes.
OH dear I can feel a bad case of gas coming on.
"MUM! DAD! Where are you?"

Have a great weekend
Coco woof woof

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You can see more of Coco's Animal Antics here.


KB said...

You are such a busy girl xxx

JJ said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Whitesnake said...

You talk too much!

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