Sunday, February 20, 2011

Coco's visitors and other doggy treats

Well darlings it has been quite a week.
I have virtually been run off my paws, what with excerising mad mum and dad, next doors cats and of course getting ready for visitors.
NOW that last one was the bestest truly darlings!
Isaac, Kirsten and Mum

Some relation to Dad. I should have listened carefully when he was telling me all about it. I did remember something about being good. (AS IF I WOULD BE BAD!) Woof!

I think it was his brother and sister who is something to do with the legal system because mum said she was in law.
Anyways petals I recieved lots of hugs, cuddles and pats.
My heart nearly melted when my guy Greg popped by.
Well you know me dears, I spread myself around like melted butter sharing my experiences with everyone I could.
The down side to it all was the weather.
It was hot. Way too hot and no breezes to cool things down.
Too Hot for man and beast!
Dad did leave the ranch slider open when Greg stayed over. Yes dears! Greg slept in my room. I'll leave the rest up too you. **wink**

Dad and mum are the best cooks in the world. I had lots of different foods to try that dad made.
Everytime he gave me something the place went quiet while they watched me eat. Quite disturbing to be watched eating however with food that good one forgets.
You can find a list of Simply Delish recipes on the link or simply click on the side bar Simply Delish sign.

There really hasn't been much happening blog wise as the vistors did take up some time.
Mum did manage a Weekend Walkabout. and along with Kirsten did a lot of reading so KB's Bookshelf got another hit.
Dad got to do a Carry on Tuesday for mum for Valentines Day you really should check it out. It was so simple yet so meaning full. It brought wee drops of water to my bedroom eyes.
I love Mum and Dad xxxx
Dad continued his story King of Dreams which I actually find quite interesting as I have inside information it is partly a biography. Yes my dears ome of it is actually real. I wonder which bits?
Mum did here Keeping Up thingy as well so I guess that when you think about it we have been really busy.
I do know dad has  been working some different shifts but hopefully the next few weeks will see him settling down and managing to write more.

This week we will be getting ready for our visitors to return and stay for a few days before the go home.
There will be more recipes to try and a BBQ with Grand dad and Grandma coming over for that.
Grand dad by the way is the REAL Harry Down. Those two are so funny.

Well me lovelies it is time for me to get up to some Animal Antics and try to visit a few friends.
Bye bye for now.
Love Coco
xx woof woof!

If you have a pic of pets or animals to share with Coco, post to your blog and leave a link and comment below.

KB and Whitesnake

More of Coco's Animal Antics here.


KB said...

Love reading your stories Coco!

Missy said...

Coco Auntie Missy loves your stories. Sounds like you've been busy with mum and da.

I'm sealing your surprise up and it will be going out either monday or tuesday.

Which reminds me I'm going to need to get an address from your mum.

Well I loved your story kiddo
Mona says woof back.

Miriam said...

Sweet post :), Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

KB said...

Have emailed you Missy x

Thanks Miriam.

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