Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Animal Antics by Coco La Belle

Christmas at our house has been really good except that I have had to be left on my own. Not once but twice!
"Not Happy Mum!"
Dad had a whole 4 days off and I have never seen mum so relaxed.
Leave me behid huh! I will escape!
Well people I got another cuddle buddy for Xmas and dad gave me a special treat of turkey for Xmas dinner which kind of made up for being left behind.
Mums special treat was to take me to the beach where I frolicked in the water and got sand and shell in all sorts of places.
I also found time to do a "Missy special," much to mums disgust.
Dad has been home every night to look after mum and mum is very happy he doesn't have to work all night anymore,
It gives me a break from having to look after her and patrol the gardens.

We all have just been taking it easy and enjoying life.
New years Eve dad has to work but should be home about 9pm to see in the new year with mum and me and my special man Gregory! (((( Big Sigh ))))
To swim or not to swim?
Well that's all for now I can feel another Missy Special coming on.
Must be that beef wellington that dad cooked the other night it was simply delish and it was dads first attempt!
Mum will be getting into her healthier me that will be sometime after the new year along with weekend walkabout so the new year will bring in lots of good stuff.
I may even start up my own page about my friends.
So you take care and will try to post more often if I can get those two off the PC.
Maybe I should insist they have more mummy and daddy time in that room of theirs..

Geez that waters cold!

Lots of cuddles
Woof Woof
Coco La Belle


Missy said...

Coco Belle, I'm glad you found some time when mum and dad weren't on the computer.

I had me a hearty laugh about the "Missy Special's" LOLOLOL. Yep that's a girl.

I love seeing your frolics and fun times. You're a good girl and I'm so very happy to hear mum is doing good and is happy, she deserves it.

Your dad is a good guy giving you turkey toboot. Wow you are special.

Take care little one

Aunt Missy

JJ said...

How many of us want to be Coco?

KB said...

Im so glad you enjoyed Christmas my sweet Bella xxx

Whitesnake said...

Little shit!

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's already 2011 where you are, and I've not my lunchtime beer on New Years Eve yet!Thanks for you frendship this (last) year. Reckon we are overdue a chat on the dog 'n bone!

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