Friday, March 11, 2011

Coco's Confusion

No words needed
Well darlings it has been a while since my last post so I thought I had better update you on the goings on in this house. Especially since Mum and Dad have been very slack in not at least keeping all my adoring fans informed about the last few hectic and some what emotional weeks.

We have had visitors from Australia who were unfortunately caught up in the Christchurch 6.3 earthquake. I was very concerned about the whole thing because Dad got very upset and worried about his brother and Mum ..... well Mum worries about everyone of course her main concern was for Dad and his brother and his wife.
Anyways dears, they arrived back a day earlier than expected but were shaken up but considering everything they handled themselves well and should be proud of themselves. I listened intently as they spoke about everything that had transpired until Mum and Dad got home. There were tears and hugs. Let me tell you it was a truly heartfelt reunion.

Me, Listening intently
Dad had been working some strange hours. I overheard Mum talking about how he had to hold down the fort at work for a week. Probably why he hadn't posted for so long. Holding down a fort must have been very hard even if it was a small one.

The weather here has not been the best. One day very hot the next it is pouring with rain.
At least Mum had a few things done. She did a beef stir fry (yummy! dad gave me some.) and tried out a chicken, pumpkin bok choy noodle salad but left out the chili. Dad messed with the stir fry and had too much chili so I guess he learnt a lesson. Don't mess with my Mum's cooking!
Mum is a very good cook let me tell you. Her cooking beats doggies biscuits anytime.

Mum is slowly giving me a hair cut. Slowly is because I won't sit still long enough. The clippers scare me although I am getting better because mum is very careful when she does clip me.Why do animal owners decide that you need a haircut when the weather is getting colder? Speaking of being scared, you may by now realise that we all suffer anxiety or panic attacks but what was really weird was mum and dad did a post and it had similar themes. Mum did hers for walkabout and dad did his to get out is frustration at supermarket madness.

They have always been in sync like that. I remember mum saying how she had no chewy chewies for me and when she picked dad up he had brought some.

You remember when Mum had an accident last year or year before well the same thing NEARLY happened again. She is OK but I don't think she will be driving that way home again.

Night night darlings xx
Dad has his carry on Tuesday up and his story is also coming along nicely, part 7 is a good one.
Dad also has a shot at some unorthodox terrorists. I did have a giggle. Obviously some people don't have a sense of humour.

Well dears that is enough from me. I need a sleep.
I will be trying to post more regularly now that things are slowly getting back to normal.

Take care my lovelies
Coco XX woof woof

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KB and Whitesnake

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KB said...

Love reading your posts Coco xxxx

Whitesnake said...

For a little dog ya have a lot ta say!

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