Thursday, February 10, 2011

Coco Gets Wet

I'm not sure what's going on at home at the moment. Mum and Dad like to keep the house and garden clean and tidy but this week they seem to be going overboard. Mum even gave me a BATH and she knows how much I hate bathing. I had to go and roll around in the garden after she'd finished so I could smell like a dog again. I'll let you know more when I find out what going on. What mischief are you all getting into at your place? I'd love to see some pics.

Love Coco

If you have a pic of your pets or animals to share with Coco, post to your blog and leave a link and comment below.

KB and Whitesnake

More of Coco's Animal Antics here.


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Mama Zen said...

A bath? Terrible!

JJ said...

Giving my 110 lb. Lylah a bath would be a chore. Outside showers under a hose, with me trying to hold her down, and my wife getting most of the soap and water on me is lots of fun - during the summer.

KB said...

Thanks for stopping by everyone.

Easy To Be Gluten Free said...

I had a dog who loved getting a bath or I should say a shower. I have always bathed my dogs by taking them in the shower with me. Tex seemed to like it and about every 2 weeks he would just get in the shower with me on his own. Such a funny fella he was. RIP Tex.

KB said...

What a sweetie.

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