Saturday, April 23, 2011

Simply Delish - KB's Birthday Menu.

On Anzac day 25th of April we will be celebrating KB's birthday and as a tribute to this wonderful caring, adorable and loving woman I present you with KB's own Birthday Menu.

KB's Birthday Menu

Happy Birthday KB


cranberry and mix nut medley
bluebird potato crisps
(plain, salt and vinegar and chicken)
crackers with assorted dips


Shrimp Cocktail
with lettuce red onion
home made island dressing

Main Course

Pork Belly Roast
slow cooked on the BBQ
rosemary and thyme roasted potatoes and carrots
steamed cauliflower and broccoli
homemade gravy


KB's Mum's homemade trifle


Banrock Station Merlot
Brancott Pinot Noir
Jacobs Creek Chardonnay


Coopers Sparkling Ale
Ranfuly Draught
Bruier Draught

Non Alcholic Drinks

Tap Water
Raro Cordial

Coffee and Tea

Moccana Medium Roast
Moccana Cappuccino
Kenya Bold Tea
Lemon and Ginger


Johnny Walker Blue Label

After Dinner Nibbles

assorted cheeses with crackers
ginger nut biscuits
chocolate mint slices

Vegetarian Options

lettuce and red onion
with home made dressing

roast potato's and carrot's
with broccoli and cauliflower steamed bland
no gravy as the juices of meat were used.

no desert
cos if you don't eat ya meat,
you don't get any pudding!

other than that,
somewhere in the trifle is a dairy product
which although some of you may have
i'm putting you all in the same basket.
for the sake of all concerned!

         Happy Birthday KB may you have many many more.
Love you
Note:- Pictures of the meal will be available sometime after Monday the 25th New Zealand time.

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Have a great weekend.

KB and Whitesnake

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JJ said...

KB: I hope with all my good vibes that you have the happiest of birthdays. You are a very special lady, and I wish you only the best. I really enjoy meeting nice people. Happy upcoming birthday, and happy weekend!

Katerina said...

Very Happy Birthday to you with your loved ones! I've already linked to the party!

Missy said...

I'll be thinking of you all and hoping the day goes well and everyone leaves with a full belly and cheer.


KB said...

Not long now....

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