Friday, April 8, 2011

Coco's View ...changing rooms

Owners have no idea the stresses and strains of changing rooms.
Gone are the days of me laying in bed with that window view now I am stuck in a corner out of the way.

Let's look at the pros and cons:-

Old Room

Window View
Get to look out the window...........
Get to see that  rectangle thing that mum and dad always watch.
Close to mum and dad
Long walk to my dinner bowls
Hot in summer draughty in winter
Quick escape when the door opens
Lights on at night when I am trying to sleep
I can hear mum and dad laughing and joking when I am trying to sleep.
Too far from kitchen when dad is cooking.

Stuck in the Corner
View of dining room table legs.
Close to mum or dad when they are on the PC.
New Room

Wide angled view of mum and dad when they are sitting on the sofa.
Excellent view of mum and dad cooking in the kitchen.
Close to my food bowls.
Warm and cosy.
Get extra heat from kitchen on these cold nights.
Back door access to my bed.
Ensuite.... just pop out the back.
No draughts
No extreme heat coming through the window.
Cuddled everytime anyone enters the kitchen.
Noticed more when visitors come around. "Where's Coco?"
Full access to all the house

See my dears the stress and strain mum and dad put me through.
I am so disraught!

Hang on a minute!!!!!!!

Extra cuddles, noticed more, warm and cosy, extra treats from the kitchen and the ensuite who am I kidding.


Oh after all that I feel a wee bit tired might just go for a nap in my new room..

Bye bye dears
Take care

Coco  xx

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See you tomorrow for Simply Delish

KB and Whitesnake


JJ said...

In my next life, if I can't come back as my dog, I'll come back as yours!

sheila said...

LOL, coco is a cutie!

KB said...


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