Saturday, January 22, 2011

Coco gets fit

Well darlings as you know or should know Mum and Dad are eating healthier and are now into exercising a bit more.
And we are off.
In my last post I mentioned how exciting it would be and how I was so very much  looking forward to the walks. Let me tell you something. This get fit campaign isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Let me talk you through what  happens. We all get ready to go. I get so excited I always have to run outside to have a twinkle. Dad is always first to be ready and Mum, well let's just not say too much.
Once we are ready to go dad opens the gate and I am off.
Well ...... my feet are moving but I am not. The collar is tight around my neck as I try to rush forward. Mum and dad haven't moved yet.
Dad tugs on my lead and tells me to sit. I do as I am told. Sigh!
The collar loosens and I sit there in anticipation.of being out in the fresh air, sniffing the ground, peeing at will and generally doing doggie things. Ya Think?
My beautiful Mum
There are rules for going walking. No one ever told me that! Yes there are rules!
No getting excited and rushing out the gate. You have to be calm and follow dad or mum at a pace they choose.
Dad normally takes me first, as his pace is more to my liking. He will tug at my lead if I get too far ahead of myself. Mum follows behind. I have learnt that if I stay next to mum and dad they don't tug on my lead and we are constantly on the move. I have also learnt that if I am patient I get to do the doggie things once we arrive at the oval. You see dad runs around it and mum takes me off to have fun until we catch up with dad.

That's me done and dusted!

Dad hasn't done any running for a long time so as I am sniffing my way around I am always looking up to see where he is and mum is always looking to make sure he is OK.
Today dad ran the whole circumference of the field. That is six soccer pitches and he ran about half that again.
After about half an hour we head back home and that is where dad takes over and walks me home.
By the time we get home I am exhausted.
So bed time for me my little darlings.
Till next time eat healthier and keep exercising.

Coco La Belle xx


Missy said...

Coco you're looking nice and fit and you're right, your mom is a beautiful woman inside and out.

I have that package I told you about. I'm going to send some surprises to you as well.

I've got the box filled with some goodies for mom right now, I'll be getting it off in February. I should have it filled by then.

Keep up the good work

KB said...

Coco, you and Dad walk too fast. Wait for me...........

Miriam said...

I love to go on longs walks outside. I love the time it gives me to just think. The trick, for me anyway, is to go by myself. That way I set my own pace and go where I really want to go. It's my "me time," I quess you could say. There really is something in the support of others though. Good luck with that, I wish you the best! Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

jabblog said...

That's the way to keep your svelte figure, Coco.

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