Friday, September 24, 2010

Simply Delish - Russian Salad

When Steve was working at The Botany Shopping Mall he got to work with some wonderful characters.

One who stood out was a guy called Alexander, a Russian who tells stories of his days fighting in Afghanistan.

He would always smell of garlic and Steve actually found it quite pleasant.

One night they were working together and sat down to eat when he produced this massive bowl of what he called a Russian Salad.

It tasted fantastic!

Here is our version:

You will need:

Capsicums, green, red, yellow and orange. Any of these will do.

Tomatoes, red onion (normal onion or spring onion will do)

Celery, beetroot, sea or rock salt, black pepper, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and carrot.

Last of all garlic. Fresh is fine but I used the stuff out of a jar.

Mix up some olive oil with balsamic vinegar this will be the base of the dressing.. Remember if ya haven’t got balsamic use normal vinegar with a touch of soy sauce. The soy sauce is purely to add that darker colour. If ya do use soy sauce ya won’t need ta salt the dish as much. Add in garlic and mix well. If you use crushed garlic out of a jar you can mix it with the oil and vinegar. If you use fresh garlic you will need to dice it finely and add it to the salad later.

Ok …. Tomatoes will need to be disemboweled. That means getting the juices and seeds out of them we don’t want a watery dish. DO NOT throw the pulp away, place it in a container cos ya can use it to make a sauce or add to a sauce or gravy.

Dice up the tomatoes throw into a large bowl.

Deseed Capsicums and dice up throw them in to the bowl.

Same with onions and celery. Throw them in.

Paper towel beetroot dry then dice and throw into bowl. Add the finely diced fresh garlic if ya used fresh garlic.

Julienne a carrot to about match stick thickness we will add these last..

Mix all stuff in the bowl and add salt and ground black pepper.

Sprinkle over the carrots and cover bowl and refrigerate until ready to serve.

Place on table and pour dressing over it………or you can serve as is and allow self serving of dressing.

Now remember a few points the ingredients can vary to taste. Add a chili for example. Who says ya have to have beetroot?

This salad goes down very well in our family.

We'll be posting a recipe each Saturday, which is easy to cook and uses simple ingredients. We'd like you to get involved by sharing your own recipe ideas with us. Simply post a recipe to your blog, come back here, leave a comment or link to your recipe post and we'll swing by to check it out.

KB and Whitesnake.

Coming up... Lemon Chicken


KB said...

Yum, yum, yum! Can you make this tomorrow night please?


Whitesnake said...

Can and I will! XXXX

mrsnesbitt said...

Loved it! I started sharing recipes this year - part of my cookery challenge - a new recipe each week - like you with ingrediants we could buy locally - I think I managed about 15! Good for me! lol! Thing is we are issolated and the cookery programmes we see on TV use ingrediants which are specialised - so no go!


Claudia said...

sounds delicious!

Missy said...

sounds delicious

Come by my blog and see what I've got for you,

It's on my ramblings one under recipes it'll be the first on the list.

Anonymous said...

Sounds nice, will have to try it one day!

Here's mine:

DL's awesome macaroni and cheese

You'll need:
macaroni (or any other kind of small pasta you have in the pantry)
butter (optional)

Put the macaroni on to boil in salted water. I'm not exactly sure how much I use, usually the packet will tell me about how much.

Grate about 3 handfuls of cheese (this is how much I use, but I like it really cheesy)

Dice the onion finely. Put a tiny amount of boiling water (or butter) into a pan (just enough to cover the bottom) and add the onion. Cook until most of the water is gone, or until the onion is cooked (if you have too much water you'll need extra flour). I got that tip from one of my Stepmums diabetic cookbooks, cos it's healthier than cooking things in butter/oil, and still tastes fine)

Take off the heat

Add about a dessert spoon of flour and stir until the onion is coated in flour. Return to the element.

Pour in milk slowly...again I'm not exactly sure how much I use, just enough that I think it will cover the amount of macaroni I have cooking.

Stir until it reaches your desired consistency.

Add about a handful of cheese and stir it in.

Take off the heat.

Dice up your ham/salami/tomato (all of the above!), or anything you would like to add, and add it to the sauce.

When the macaroni is cooked, add it to the sauce and stir. If you add the macaroni to the sauce then you end up with less wastage, and easier dishes to do :p

Put the macaroni mixture into a bakeproof dish and sprinkle the remaining 2 handfuls of cheese over the top. Put under the grill until the cheese is brown and delicious :D

I like to serve it with broccoli and salad for some semblance to a healthy meal.

KB and Whitesnake said...

Thanks ladies. Love your weight watchers recipes Missy x

KB and Whitesnake said...

Sounds easy and delicious DL. We'll cook it up soon and credit you with the recipe :)


This looks delicious. I meant to leave you a comment about the great looking fish with fennel but I got distracted with this salad. Yum to both!

KB said...

Glad you like them.

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