Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our Special Place

We were having a meal at our favourite Japanese restaurant. The conversation centered around where we were at with our blogging and where we wanted to be. Whitesnake decided it would be good to visit our old haunt to clear our heads. We drove to Cockle Bay, which is a beach not far from where we live. It's special to us because it's one of the first places we visited together when Steve first came to NZ.


Well that certainly blew the cobwebs away. Hope you enjoyed the pics.

KB and Whitesnake


Missy said...

LOVE LOVe LOve Love....the picci's. I want a copy of the shell photo to go with the ones Keith sent me of his boat shots. Woot these are fantastic.

Happy Spring and welcome Autumn for us. :)


KB said...

Will send you the pic hun x

KB said...

Actually, just go ahead and take a copy...easier that way.

Love ya

Whitesnake said...

Always a nice place aye babe.xxxx

KB said...

Only with you xxxx

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