Sunday, June 6, 2010


The wind gently blows across the garden. Leaves rustle softly; birds sing their songs and tears fall from her onto her cheeks.

All the emotions have finally caught up with her. She needs to cry and let all the feelings of remorse, anger and frustration.

Placing his arms around her he holds her close to him. He has tissues in his hand and she takes them, wiping her face.

Her mother and father watch from inside. They feel helpless. They must rely on him to ease her pain.

They finally sit on the step. He sits behind her with a leg either side. She leans back into him and closes her eyes. She could fall asleep if she wanted. She feels the need to rest. Her mind races with the thoughts of how they will survive. She feels his soft kisses. A smile reaches her face. He can always make the pain go away.

The choice was not a difficult one the execution was.

Shattered lives and heartache they have left behind. She knows he feels her pain. She is letting it go for them both.

She hears him singing and her mind starts to picture Summer Rain .

It is unforgettable.


Stan Ski said...

sometimes you have to let it out. Good to have someone there for support at these times.

Missy said...

More than words are needed at times. ((((hugs)))) to you both

Missy said...
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KB said...

A good cry works wonders, especially when you have a strong shoulder to lean on xxxx

Marja said...

how touching Good to see you back
Love the line "her mind starts to picture Summer Rain ".
Here it is heaps of winter rain

brenda said...

You've captured a poignant moment. Love that it ends in song.

Diane T said...

Thank Heaven you are there for each other. The true meaning of love. Excellent poem. I was with you every moment.

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