Saturday, June 12, 2010

KB Time

The music plays as she moves around our home, pottering and doing the housework that she feels she needs to be done. There is a feeling of contentment as we both go about our business, stopping to do what lovers often do, kiss and remind each other that love is still as strong as ever.

Dressed in her All Black top and track suit bottoms, I watch as she moves about swaying to each song and sometimes singing along. She will pass by and ask if everything is ok, or if she can get me anything.
Some dishes in the sink I clean.
"I was going to do that." She tells me as I turn and smile at her.
"It's ok babe" I tell her as I finish."
A beer from the fridge and I sit down to write this post.
KB has completed whatever jobs she felt needed to do and is reading her book as I sit next to her and type away.
Dire Straits, Brothers in Arms is now playing and as i steal glances of KB sitting next to me I feel the love that we share.

It has been nearly 9 months since we got our act together and did what we both wanted to do but had been scared of that being getting away from the unhappiness in our lives.
I'm not saying that our previous lives were all bad. Far from it. Some just can not accept that life moves on and chapters in our lives change us and move us closer to what we want and where we want to be.

There are dark clouds outside, the heater is on and the heavy rain pelts the outside world.
This place we have made our home is warm and filled with love, love few will ever get to taste.
KB has got steaks out for tea and my mind is throwing ideas around as to what else I will cook with it. Mushrooms and steamed vegetables sound good. Missy should be here soon. She will be bringing some red wine and a few beers we will have dinner then watch the All Blacks play.
I let out a sigh!
Missy is not good at keeping appointments!

The rain now comes and goes keeping us indoors.
Tomorrow is another day and it is SHOGUN day with KB's parents. It is always good to catch up with them. They have seen their daughter change from being uncetain to being more assertive and determined.
She always had these attributes but they had been surpressed.
I sometimes wish I could share with you the KB I love so dearly, you don't get to see how loving and caring the woman really is and how committed she is to whatever her mind is set on.
KB I love you and I take this opportunity to thank you for loving me.
I appreciate all you do and am thankful for each moment we share.

Love you babe


Bebedores do Gondufo said...

Very good.

Missy said...

sorry I missed supper!! Only a few thousand miles and an ocean separate my visits, otherwise I'd be the pesky neighbor who never wants to go home. LOL be glad :)

This is beautifully sentiment and wonderfully written.

KB said...

I love the way you write our every day life as a story. Beautiful xxxx

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