Sunday, June 6, 2010

6th June 2010

He wakes up early ever day, never staying in bed for long.
This night he slept all night and rose later than usual.
The kettle on and the black and grey dog sitting, staring just outside the kitchen entrance.
He made his cuppa and prepared hers. She would not be up for a while he knew that. It was her way when he was home.
He pottered around setting up the dishwasher and started placing bacon on the tray ready to go into the oven.
Before reaching for the journal they both wrote in he reached for a smoke and went outside. A little black shadow following his every move.

He stood in the corner smoking. The rain was light but constant. The wind swirled so that the rain had no direction in which to fall.
He would normally be up for a short time. Tea, smoke feed the dog and then head back to the comfort of his beloved. This morning he didn't he would let her rest.
She had been ill the night before and even though she had said she was feeling better his thoughts were to let her sleep.

He loved the way she looked after him. Washing and cleaning their home while he was at work.
You can always feel the love and happiness when you enter their abode.
It glistens with contentment and happiness like the tinsel on a Christmas tree.
The smell of cooked bacon fills the room as he sets about writing in their journal. It is a record of their time together, their thoughts their dreams and their feelings.

Later on today they will leave their humble home and join her parents at a place called Half Moon Bay.
The black clouds, pouring rain and howling wind will not put a damper on the day.
It is an opportunity to see family, to eat and drink and once more enjoy the comforts of having family around.
Everyday is a great day and today is another one.
He has his woman and his shadow and this life is to be enjoyed to its fullest.

Total love, complete love is hard to find yet once you have it one has to continue to nurture it, encourage it, live and breathe it every day.
This they both do with little effort other than to be who they are and accept each other for who they be.
Love is a drug that used wisely can conquer all!

Love you KB

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KB said...

This is beautiful babe, just like you but in a manly way of course xxxx

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