Monday, June 14, 2010

That Bench

The wind whistled its way though the trees. Rustling the leaves and bending the branches with a gentle caress

He sat on the bench, pondering the life that he had lead.

People passed by. Some look at him and smiled; others went about their business as he had not existed at all.

The sun sometimes shone through the trees and its warmth gave him hope.

The coffee cup was half full. A latte that was sweet and creamy. He took another mouthful and savoured it. Some children ran passed and did what most children do. They yelled and screamed, laughed and made a nuisance of themselves. Irritating as they were at a time when he required solitude, he accepted that this was their world too

He lit a cigarette and drew back. He watch as the smoke he exhaled curled in the winds gentle gusts.

His thoughts were his own. His mind full of the trouble life brings.

So many things to consider. So many things to attend to. Never a chance to breathe. A constant struggle to move from one problem to the next and then a new on arises. The continual pressure to do this and that.

It was at times, problems of his own making, no rest, no respite.

The answers he looked for were not easy to come by.

Feeling lost and alone he sipped the coffee once more.

He smiled as he thought about the coffee being a quarter full not three quarters empty

He lit another cigarette and allowed himself to daydream.

The coffee now finished and the cigarette extinguished he got off from the bench and headed off home.

He looked back at the bench and remembered.

He remembered the short time of happiness it brought him, the comfort for his mind, the contentment and peace that he had always sort.

Throwing his coffee cup in the rubbish bin he headed off once more to face the world. Knowing that he could come back tomorrow to sit on that bench. Drink his coffee and find peace of mind, even if for just a short while.

As he parted the rain fell lightly and people scurried for shelter. He felt at home in the rain. He smiled as he thought how no one could see the tears. When you’re crying in the rain.

Steve 2010


KB said...

Brings a tear to my eye but it all worked out in the end babe xxxx

Missy said...

Life can be painful and sad, until that bright rainbow comes into view.

Whitesnake said...

I visited that bench a few times before we got together darling....xxxx

My rainbow has always been KB xx

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