Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The crunching sounds is quite loud and the lapping of the water somewhat disturbing however the constant circling around the dining table by the black cocker spaniel is laughable,

Classical music playing while my darling KB reads her book is actually quite relaxing.
Today we went out looking for some DVD's we both wanted but they were nowhere to be found so we decided to have a quiet drink and a feed at a place called OCEANs at Half Moon Bay.
The sun was quite warm although when cloud covered the sun the  temperature dropped dramatically.
KB looked beautiful as she sat there just soaking up the sea air.
The more time I spend with my KB the more I find myself loving her.
There are no pressures, no do this or do that. There is no finger pointing or shouting. We share everything and things we don't share don't matter.
For the most part we think along the same lines. We just have different ways of reaching  the same conclusion on things. Nothing is too much trouble and nothing we say or do is taboo. If we don't like something we say so and that is the end of it.
If we disagree on something then we disagree and move on. There is none of this "I told you so."
Although it is strange to be in a relationship where what ever you say or do is ok. It is wonderful to be able to be yourself and be free yet completely commited to your partner.
When I was young I always wanted a relationship with a woman like I have now.
We both work at things in our relationship because we don't want to lose this precious partnership we share.
The love can be endless, the carng ongoing and the peace and contentment heavenly.

I hope you all find what we have. It is truly beautiful.

Four kisses for my KB


Missy said...

That kind of love and appreciation if a rare find these days. So many want to taste from many pools, never content to enjoy what's before them, the.

They chase the elusive because they are never content. Congratulations to you both. You deserve to be happy.

KB said...

I count my blessing every day xxxx

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