Sunday, June 13, 2010

The gift

you ever get the feeling,
when the wind blows,
the tree leaves shaking,
mother nature changing,
left there waiting,
yet you hesitate.

ride the rainbow,
ride the sun,
feel the love inside,
moon shadows,
eagles soaring overhead,
you just can’t wait.

suck in the ice air,
feel the heat of the fires,
snow on the mountains,
white on the sea,
waves of emotion,
make life your own gift.

Steve Boddey June 2010


Anonymous said...

Wow this is pretty!
yes life!

Anonymous said...

Your write with the remembrance of simply loving life. This is a real gift indeed! Thanks for the reminder... and I love your rainbow! Amy (Sharp Little Pencil)

Stan Ski said...

You only get one go at it, so make it count.

Missy said...

Nice Steve. One day I'll see New Zealand in the winter or spring or when ever.

Mary said...

Just beautiful, Steve...that's what its all about. (And I have been to New Zealand and love it!)

KB said...

I love sharing your gift xxxx

Diane T said...

Steve, your poem leaves me with a feeling of peacefulness.

Anonymous said...

Aaaaah! Nothing else, just aaaaaah!

Anonymous said...

Each day a gift
each moment waiting
to be unwrapped.


brenda w said...

The cadence, whoa, the cadence. I love this. A lot.

Anonymous said...

The rhythm sharpens the meaning in a way that appeals to the music in me. Thank you.

Dee Martin said...

Beautiful Steve and loving the look of the blog :)

Anonymous said...

I love your last line.

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