Monday, June 28, 2010

Cot nothing I want

If you really want to hear about it,
You would have to ask me,
One sided story ain't good enough,
It's as wicked as it seems.

Take the truth and twist it
To hide bruises from the past,
Good times dispersed,
In the mirror, behind the glass.

A two way street,
Now going just one way,
If you really want to hear about it,
Listen to what I have to say!



Greyscale Territory said...

(Adore this "new look" blog! Very scenic and atmospheric!)

Those things twisted and those things hidden are often those things which carry the essence of the raw self! Great poem!

Stan Ski said...

Twisted truths are usually how the other side of the story goes.

KB said...

Oh I can relate babe xxxx

Missy said...

I enjoy your say it like you mean it approach to life

gs batty said...

listen...listen...seems like that is what my wife is always saying...unfortunately I listen but sometimes I do not hear..great poem

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