Monday, December 21, 2009

He would be restless when he slept even after making love.
She would lay on his chest and stroke his face.
Trying to take away the stresses and strains.
He soon calmed down and his breathing eased.
She smiled.
Her heart strong, her soul completely surrounded by him.
Lifting herself up she kissed his lips.
He stirred and rolled into her, his arm draped across her, his head now on her chest.
Even in his sleep he searched for her.
Reaching out for the woman who had taken his heart and soul.
The hunger to be with her had diminished somewhat by them living together.
It was a new hunger that took its place, a hunger to please and make her happy.
It is a hunger that will never go away.
For all the turmoil they had been through, the contentment they both sort had been found.
Not only in each others arms but in each others company.
The stresses that had tormented them were slowly fading.
With each other their new life had just begun.
Like summer rain, their love flows.

Whitesnakes do it better ............. When ya with KB

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