Friday, January 6, 2012

Simply Delish...Me Mums Treats - Cup Cakes

My mum (Whitesnake's Mum) never actually used a recipe.
Everything that she made was from memory. I can not remember her ever having a recipe book.
It has been quite a while since I watched my mum cook as she passed away way back in 1984.
Me Mum with my brother Row Me Oh

Still good memories of Yorkshire pudding and gravy and of course my Mums cupcakes.
I can't give exact measurements but I will give estimates. It is all about trial and error.

250grams of marg or butter (straight from the fridge)
1 cup of sugar.
1 cup of self raising flour or maybe a bit more.
Milk (add it as required to make the paste.)
1 cup of currants (not sultanas or raisins)
1 cup of a mothers love

Pre heat oven to 180c.
In a bowl add marg/butter the pour cup of sugar over the top and mix well with a fork. (NO cheating with a mixer it wont taste the same)
When mixed well, add flour and milk. Add milk a little at a time. You can always add more but ya can never take it away.
When the mixture has become a paste add currants and mix in.
Probably needs a splash more milk

A mothers love should be added constantly.
With a spoon place mixture into cup cakes 3/4 fill.
Place into oven till golden brown.remove from oven and allow to cool.
DO NOT contemplate eating one straight away (you will though) unless you want to burn your mouth.

Over cooked NAH had oven too hot!

OK a few tip bits.
Always mix cold marg/butter with sugar. (No I don't no why it has something to do with life the universe and everything)
If ya currants sink to the bottom of the mixture something wrong with mixture. (Carry on regardless still tastes good.)
My mum use ta on numerous occasions burn the bottoms I on the  other hand burnt the tops. Mums was better!
A mothers love can be just thinking about her!
Oven temperature is the key to getting an even cook through.
I had the heat too high hence the tops burned.

Enjoy with a nice cuppa tea.

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MM said...

Awww. This is so sweet. I like your take on why a fork should be used. If your oven is anything like mine, it doesn't matter what temp you set it on. Full blast is what it wants.
Thanks for hosting!

KB said...

Love this post MrSnake. Wish I'd had a chance to meet your Mum xxxx

Jenny said...

Now that's my kind of cooking....winging it! Looks good, thanks for sharing.

spiky said...

visiting from other side of the world. :)

Julie said...

I would love it if your shared this with my new blog hop:

Amy @ Pounds4Pennies said...

I had a fail this week too. I am you newest follower. I would for you stop by for a follow back!

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