Saturday, January 14, 2012

Simply Delish ~ Beef Kinda Wellington

Just to prove that meals can be simple and easy to do we have decided to show you what we cooked up on the weekend. Unfortunately, we forgot to take a picture of the dish when it was cooked and on the plate.

Beef kind of Wellington.:-

1 large steak (we used scotch fillet)
Cheese (any type you like)
Spring onion (optional)
Thai spice mix (use what ever you fancy)
4 strips of streaky bacon. (optional and any other bacon relation will do.)
1 sheet of puff pastry (I like puff pastry)
1 egg wash (beat an egg and turf in a dash of milk.)

Bash the hell out of the steak. (He means flatten steak out with a tenderiser, try not to make any holes in the meat.)
Place a few slices of cheese on to the meat with the sliced spring onion and add a good dose of spices. (He means season to taste.)
Plastic stuff wrapped round tightly
Roll steak up as tight as you can.
Lay out some glad wrap or whatever you call it.
Place rolled steak on glad wrap and wrap it around the steak. Take hold of each end of the wrap and spin the think to tighten further. (You could get someone to grab one end while you twist the other.)

Place in fridge for an hour or more. (The longer the better. It holds together better.)
In a hot pan. I mean hot! Add a bit of oil and sear the rolled steak. (Preferably with the plastic wrap removed)
Allow to rest and cool.
1 sheet of pastry and place bacon strips on top. Allow enough bacon to wrap around steak once.
When rolled steak is cool place onto pastry and roll up.
Steak stuffed in pastry

Make sure pastry covers all of the rolled steak.
Cut off excess pastry and pinch to seal meat in pastry.
Egg wash all over.
Place on a oiled baking tray or use baking paper.
Place in oven that was preheated to 180c (Don't know the other temp in fahrenheit)
Cook until pastry is golden brown.
Serve with whatever takes your fancy.
We had potatoes par boiled and fried up with garlic and onion pieces.
Oh and don't forget gravy..........if  you like.

Enjoy, we did.
KB and Whitesnake

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MM said...

You two crack me up.
And you really do make this sound easy. I've never attempted beef Wellington. Even kind of.
Thanks for hosting!

KB said...

This is a Whitesnake classic meal and post :)

Tanya@takesix said...


My mouth is watering!

spiky said...

a delicous visit from philippines. :)

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