Saturday, February 26, 2011

Whitesnakes Potato Bake - Simply Delish


4 medium size potato's
1 large bunch of sspinach/or/sliverbeet/
1 bag of mushrooms
1 bottle of tthickened cream 500 ml
1 pack of chicken noodle cup of soup
1 block of cheese
1 bag bread crumbs
Salt  pepper and oil


Cut up  potato into scallop slices. You may need to have more spuds on hand depending on how thick you cut them and the size of oven dish.
Slice mushrooms up into bite size pieces.
Roughly chop up spinach or sliverbeet.
Depending on size of you cheese block and oven dish, slice cheese as you prepare each layer.
Mix cup of soup into cream you should contiually taste it as another pack maybe required.


Par boil potato's don't forget to salt. You want them a wee bit firm.
Place spinach into a pan and drain the potato water into the spinach, silverbeet pan. Put suds aside to cool.
Cook spinach. silverbeet till wilted add a pinch of salt or taste test.
You may have to continually add any that you couldn't fit in at first.
Do not worry about having too much greens, there is NEVER enough.
When wilted drain and leave to cool.

Cover the bottom of oven dish with a thin coating of oil.create a layer of spuds.
On top of the spuds create a layer of mushrooms then cover them with slices of cheese. Pour over about half the cream mixed with cup of soup.
Another layer of spuds then the layer of greens followed by more spuds.

If your dish is deep enough then it is another layer of mushrooms then cheese then spuds more cheese, rest of cream mix then bread crumbs.
If not then it is cheese, rest of cream mix and bread crumbs.

Place in the oven at 180-200c and cook till golden brown.

For those concerned about the health risks associated with this dish please note.....I am the cook not ya doctor!

KB and Whitesnake

You know what to do...


Whitesnake said...

Simply fattening........errr I mean fantastic! xxxx

JJ said...

KB: You got the poor guy cooking now. Is this part of your overall plan to improve your life? If so, it is not original. Women have been conspiring since Adam took a crack at apple pie.

Missy said...

This sounds so good! Looks delish too. I'll be back with a recipe.

KB said...

JJ - he loves cooking!

Missy - looking forward to your recipe.

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