Thursday, February 3, 2011

Weekend Slap Up - Chicken n Veggie Pie

It's Simply Delish time. This week we have a yummy recipe from my darlin Whitesnake and here he is now...

Here we go me little lovelies, with what we had as a meal last weekend. Remember these were spur of the moment meals.
One thing KB and I do is to try and vary our meals. Example would be beef  one day then chicken the next followed by fish then pork. Get the idea?

We were out doing our weekly shopping and we hit the veggie shop.
As the weather had cooled quite a bit and the fact that the day before we had the "Kind of Wellington'.
Puff pastry or rather the use of it got me thinking.
Chicken was the go (meat wise) for the evening meal and fresh cooked veggies seemed a good idea, until puff pastry entered me head yet again.

Chicken n Veggie Pie! Simple, or better still Simply Delish!

Notice the egg wash sealed the pie's edges
Ingredients :-

Chicken (we used breast as I have always been good with that :-)

Cream of Chicken cup of soup.4 pack.
(chicken/vegetable stock will do or even some of the stock you saved from some of the previous recipes. You did save some aye? We used ours for other meals.)

Vegetables assorted.
(We used fresh but you can use frozen. Remember with frozen you end up with more liquid.)
Carrots a large one, Celery, Mushrooms, Courgettes x2 cos they were small and Peppers/Capsicum (red, yellow and orange more for colour than anything else. Plus we like them and got them on special!)

1 Sheet Puff Pastry and egg wash
(Use whatever floats your boat)

Standard stuff....... Salt, Pepper, Garlic, Onion and Olive oil
(We use Olive oil cos we are posh and it is healthy)

Standard Operating Procedure.

Knock up 2 cups of the cream of chicken soup/stock and simmer
Cut up veggies into chunky sizes (obviously with frozen you skip this part)

Note with the carrot and courgette I just chopped the ends off and throw away. I did not peel them either.
(If I can get away from peeling anything I will)
Weekend Slap Up
Didn't peel the mushrooms!

Dump all veggies into soup/stock add a bit of salt n pepper, place lid on pan and walk away.
(Do keep checking that the stock hasn't dried up and that it just covers all veggies.)

Cut chicken into bite size pieces and brown in a hot fry pan.
(This is where you would use the oil, chopped garlic and onion. I didn't use garlic nor onion. I forgot.)

Once the chicken is browned drain any excess oil and add to veggie pan.
Allow to simmer for another 10mins.
(Of course make sure you had a good size pan in the first place.)

Drain veggies and chicken from the stock and place in an oven dish.
DO NOT tip stock into sink or down the drain. Get one of those spoons with holes in and spoon the veggies and chicken into the oven dish.

Cover with the sheet of puff pastry. Trim excess pastry if you want.
(I just made sure it all fit by tucking the extra bits down the inside of the oven dish.)

Carefully egg wash the pastry.
Look at the left over wash and then look at the pie. return to looking at the remaining egg wash and smile.
Pour remaining egg wash around edges of pie.
Place in oven preheated to 180c (Still don't know the F) cook till pastry is golden brown.

Plan to have pie with something else but change your mind when the pie comes out.

Meal on a plate
After the meal bits n pieces and trivial thoughts.

The left over stock we used for the next days pork chops and we still had some left over so that is in the freezer awaiting some other bright idea. (We really try not to waste anything)
The pie we had was very filling, we had two helpings so you could say it would serve 4 but you probably would need some spuds or something with it.
I often use cup of soups as stock and thickeners rather than cornflower. I find cornflower bland and sometimes it gets lumpy. I hate doing too much work in the kitchen so beating the lumps out of cornflower is not an option and with a cup of soup pack it seems just enough.

Hope you enjoy. Remember all these idea meals are adaptable. Use your produce and your flavours to suit your taste.

If you have a recipe to share, post the details to your blog, leave a comment here, include your link below on our new Linky and we will check it out. If you prefer, you can leave your recipe as a comment and we will include it in a future post on your behalf.

KB and Whitesnake

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Miriam said...

I left you some Salsa to try. Have a great weekend! Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

KB said...

Thanks Miriam. You too.

Magdalen Islands said...

I'm not sure which is the most delish, the pie or the story-telling. If I can find puff pastry around here I'll try your chicken and veggie pie but I'll probably add potatoes or maybe have them on the side. Yummm!

KB said...

Thanks for stopping by my friend.

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