Monday, February 28, 2011

Coco's Animal Antics

Hi darlings,

Remember when I told you Dad's relatives from Australia came to stay with us? They've gone back home now but I forgot to tell you what hapened the day they arrived. Mum and Dad kept checking the driveway, I presumed they were looking for cats and tried to help out.  I was so embarrased when the relatives arrived in their car from the opposite direction to a view of my bottom. What a welcome that must have been.

We had such a wonderful time. I got lots of walks and cuddles and we had lots of family and friends come to visit too. I'm so tired...I think I'll sleep for a week.

What mischief are you all getting into at your place? I'd love to see some pics.

Love Coco

If you have a pic of your pets or animals to share with Coco, post to your blog and leave a link and comment below.

KB and Whitesnake

More of Coco's Animal Antics here.


KB said...

I think you spend way too much time at that fence Coco x

Missy said...


I don't have a camera to take picci's to put Mona and Abby on here, so I"ll see if I can get someone to take pictures then I'll post them. They are silly animals let me tell you.

Glad you had a fun time with your guest.

Whitesnake said...

One of these days ya gonna get stuck in that fence XXXX

Talha said...

Awww coco is cute :)

Ashling said...

Coco looks like quite the sweetie--and how accomplishged a dog, what with writing her own blog!

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