Thursday, January 6, 2011

News From Home

Hi all, Whitesnake and I have been enjoying the last days of our holiday in the sunshine. Here we are enjoying our yummy meal of Moroccan spiced chicken (cooked on the BBQ), served with tomato salad, potatoes, avocado and lettuce freshly picked from our garden.

Our veggies have been enjoying the sun too. We're almost ready to pick our first tomato. The lettuce has been the star, I can take as much as I like and she still keeps growing. We've also enjoyed our first crop of radish and the carrots are well on there way. Not bad for a girl who was once banned from the garden.

See you tomorrow for Simply Delish.
Love KB


KB said...

*waits for JJ* Hehe!

JJ said...

You two are having entirely too much fun!

KB said...

Didn't have to wait long. Coco is having fun too :)

Missy said...

I'm so proud of your success with the garden. It looks simply delish!

Oh that meal set my mouth to watering. Yummy

KB said...

I ate the first tomato yesterday. It was sooooo good!

S E E Quine said...

Ah, warmth... tomatoes ripening... I can almost taste summer!!! Thanks so much, blogger in the Southern Hemisphere! You've taken me back.

(Our snowmen melted yesterday, it's all muddy and cold outside now.)

TARLZ83 said...

there is a bit too much meat on your plate kb thats not too healthy lol

Mama Zen said...

That chicken looks awesome!

moondustwriter said...

Yummm I'll be right over.
Enjoy those last few days
ahh the sun I await its return

smiles to you both

KB said...

SEE - I don't envy you in the cold.

Tarlz - your Dad serves up big portions which I usually halve :)

Mama - it was!

Moonie - come on over any time.

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