Sunday, January 9, 2011

Coco's Christmas Time

Hello my darling readers xx
Well dears I had an absolutely wonderful Christmas time. We had a brilliant New Years and Dad even did a BBQ which was Simply Delish. Mum says I have to do the LINK thingy if I am to post. Her and dad want people to click on the ads so they can make money to buy nice treats and yummy stuff for me.

Well as I told you in my previous post I was left alone two times and tried to escape on several occasions as I don't like being on my own much. I am sure a lot of my readers would agree that a happy dog is a healthy dog and a healthy dog looks after his or her owners and behaves really well. Oh! Speaking of healthy, ..... Mum is getting back into her healthy something  or other 30 days to a fatter or thinner me...... I think that's what she calls it.

My mum looks good to0 me and OBVIOUSLY dad agrees!
 Even dad has been eating healthier and .........You are SOOOOOOOOOOOO NOT ........going to believe this........DAD............ yes MY Dad was taking to mum about doing more exercises everyday and going for walkies and stuff once his shifts at work settles down.
You all know what that means aye!
This cute little dog will be getting out more and doing more walkabouts and not just weekend walkabouts so here's to a healthier me. Good Grief! This health thingy is catching on.

 My new friends who kept moving my chewy chewy!
Mum and dad did give me lots of treats and cuddles on Xmas and New Years especially when they had left me alone. It really wasn't so bad because they always give me a treat before they go and lots of cuddles when they get back.

We had a BBQ and mums parents came and my boyfriend Greg and dad had some work mates come over. They were so cute and of course they simply LOVED ME! ...............................
                                                     "It's all about me, isn't it darlings!!"

It was really hot that day and I really felt sorry for dad while he was out in the heat cooking the BBQ. Mum as always looked after him. She loves him so much and she is always telling me. Dad always talks to me about how much he loves my mum. They both dribble on a bit about it and it's not like I don't already know.

Isn't he devilishly adorable?
Now that last bit leads me to the love of my life at the moment.............. Greg!
Not only did he stay the night on New Years but also when we had the BBQ. Let me tell you I thought I was in heaven I got lots of kisses and cuddles from him. He even left his bedroom door open.......Yes girls...was that a hint or what?
Dad says he left it open because of the heat. I don't think so daddy dearest!
So over the festive season I really did have way to much to eat. I was actually sick 3 times and darling dad cleaned it up before mum could see it. She would worry about me if she knew.

Veggie Guard Dog watching for birds!
Mum has been busy with our veggie garden and even I must say it is coming along a real treat. Mum should be really proud of herself as she has nurtured and loved those veggies she calls her babies.  Isn't she so cute with the little phrases she comes out with? I of course was given Veggie patrol duty.
Watching for any birds that may choose to try and get a free feed from mums garden veggies. "GROWL GROWL!"

Here are few more pics from my holiday time.

A loving moment captured beautifully!

Will they EVER get a room?

I LOVE the beach!

I also love the water.

Did I mention loving swimming and water?

Don't they make a lovely couple?

Dad being silly!

Well now that was my holiday season. What about yours?

Until next time darlings............ Woof Woof!
Coco La Belle! xx
More  of Cocos stories can be found here at Cocos world


KB said...

You are so funny Coco. We love you very much and will try to not leave you behind in the future xxxx

Missy said...

Coco you are such a sweet little thing, brave too. I can't imagine what it's like when they dive bomb you.

Glad to hear you have a lovely holiday with your family. Take care kiddo.

Whitesnake said...

Oh yes ya had ta mention being sick..Now I have to explain it to ya mum.......!

S E E Quine said...

Coco, I wish we could have had you guarding our veggies last year -- cats ate our lettuce! Maybe rabbits, too, but we only saw cats eating it!

Good dog!

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