Saturday, December 11, 2010

Simply Delish Tuscan Style Bean Soup

This week we've cooked up a recipe which was contributed to Simply Delish from our good friend Missy.
Whitesnake was a little dubious when I told him we were having Bean Soup for dinner but he polished off a whole bowl of it. This recipe is healthy, delish and very filling. We didn't have a couple of the ingredients and we added a few more veggies so the following recipe is our version of the dish.


olive oil
1 diced carrot
salt and pepper
diced celery
2 cloves of garlic
can of mixed beans
1-2 cups of chicken soup or stock
2 diced tomatoes
1/4 cup basil
1/2 diced onion
diced green beans
1 egg


Fry onions and garlic, add remaining ingredients except tomatoes and basil and cook for 5 mins. Add toms and basil and simmer 4 mins.  Crack open a beer while you wait.

Hope you enjoy as much as we do. A special thank you to Missy, thanks for contributing to Simply Delish as often as you do. we love you girl. If you have a recipe to share, post the details to your blog, leave a comment here, include your link below on our new Mr Linky and we will check it out.

KB and Whitesnake

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KB and Whitesnake said...

Missy, That was simply delish however me thinks that the chef had a lot to do with it,,,,,no competion here was fantastic!..........KB did it proud! XXXX

love Whitesnake

KB said...

It was so yummy Missy....I'm going to coup up a huge pot and freeze it.

Missy said...

It looks gorgeous!! Love the bright colors in the soup. I've a plethora of recipes and healthy too and delish :) even desserts!!

KB said...

Woohoo, can't wait!

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