Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pubs and Grub :SHOGUN

The Shogun restaurant is one of our favorites.

Those regular readers who follow us would know that every time I am not working KB and I head off to Shogun and enjoy a quiet, relaxing time.

Situated at Shop 11, 16 Gooch Place Highgate Shopping Centre Howick.

The restaurant sits in a cul de sac of various Asian shops. Its position seems to mirror the image the place gives to KB and I, one of tranquility.
Serving Japanese cuisine Teppan Yaki and Seafood reservations can be made by phoning (09) 535 2455.

As regular customers it is pleasing to be able to come in, sit down, say hello and know that you are in safe hands. For quite some time now we have never had to order anything. We are somewhat creatures of habit when it comes to Shogun Menu.
The usual is standard lunch box for my KB and the deluxe one for me.
A premium Sapporo beer and a white wine are delivered to the table promptly. The service is very good although when they get busy you may have to show a wee bit of patience.
We both believe it is well worth waiting for.

What we did notice is that a lot of Asians eat there and that has got to say something for the service, price and quality of food.
The atmosphere is relaxing and the food does what it is suppose to.
Taste good and fill you up !

I have been able to have my lunch box changed a little.
Both boxes are served with a bowl of miso soup and a bowl of rice but mine is served with two bowls of miso soup no rice.
Both boxes offer a serve of sashimi and sushi, mine has mussels KB’s has a chicken wing. Both have tempura veggies and a small serve of meat KB’s is usually beef mine is either pork or fish and of course there is the mandatory grated cabbage.

So to conclude, The Shogun at lunch time offers good service, great tasting food at a reasonable price.
We highly recommend The Shogun at Highgate Shopping Centre.


KB and Whitesnake


JJ said...

Some of my favorite food!

Missy said...

You need to try sesame chicken or honey chicken, love the wontons full of cheese.

Ah man now I'm hungry

KB said...

I've still got a full tummy from lunch but reading this makes me want even more. I LOVE Shogun!

Nick said...

Pubs & Grubs: A great place for a natter and nosh.
(Thanks for the visit!)

KB said...

Thanks to you too.

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