Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Our Veggie Patch

Whitesnake and I are on a mission to be more aware of the food we eat. We want to know where it's been and  how it's has been treated before we eat it. We've already stopped buying our meat from the supermarket and have found a local butcher instead. The meat is much cheaper because we're not paying for all that fancy packaging and it tastes so much better.

We've also started buying free range eggs from glenpark.co.nz. We bought a free range chicken a little while back which was twice the price of a chicken bought from the supermarket and to be honest, it didn't taste as good. We're going to look for a different place to buy our chickens from in future.

I haven't done much gardening in the past but I've always wanted to grow my own veggies. Whitesnake and I headed out yesterday to buy a few plants and containers so we could make a start on growing our own.  We bought some radish seeds and  tomato, strawberry and lettuce plants. We also planted our basil which we had been growing in the kitchen.

It was fun getting my hands dirty and I felt excited to have made a start. I feel like the plants are my babies and kept going outside to check on them and to chase away birds.

We'll let you know how we get on with our little veggie pots.

Bye for now
Love KB



Missy said...

You've got a great start. Don't forget your other veggies. You need bell peppers, squash and tomatoes.
You can plant cucumbers and have them grow up a trellis too.

KB said...

We have toms and they are growing already :) I keep going onto the deck to look at them. It's so cool.

Whitesnake said...

That's my girl.xxxx

KB said...

Couldn't do it without you babe xxxx

bettyl said...

You have to start somewhere and it seems you two are off to a great start!

KB said...

I hope so!

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