Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Trip To The Garden Centre

Welcome to Walkabout Wednesday - a place to share and explore the different corners of our world.

Whitesnake and I decided to head out to the Garden Centre to have a look for some plants for our veggie garden.

Our friend G, came along with us (more pics of us together last week here).

We enjoyed a yummy lunch and a few drinks, decaf for me 'cause too much coffee makes me go round the bend.

Maybe it wasn't really decaf  'cause I look like I'm on my way round the bend.

We didn't buy any plants because they were quite expensive but there were a few names which made us giggle.

Me thinks Drunken Woman Lettuce would be very appropriate for this household.

Hope you enjoyed the pics.
Love KB

Walkabout is a phrase we use in NZ, which means to walk around and explore with no specific destination in mind. Have you been walkabout anywhere interesting this week? If so, post your story or pictures to your blog, leave a comment here and Whitesnake or KB will come take a look.


Whitesnake said...

It was a lovely day aye babe..xxxx

KB said...

Yeah, loved it but not as much as I love you xxxx

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