Thursday, July 15, 2010

Living With Whitesnake

I am so proud of Steve, he hasn't had a cigarette for a week. I remember when I gave up smoking, years ago, I was like a cat on a hot tin roof but with Steve, I've hardly noticed. He's been his usual happy, loving self. I know it's early days yet and sometimes these habits take a long time to stop but if he carries on the way he has been this week, he will be a permanent non-smoker. Keep up the good work hun, I love ya for taking this HUGE step to look after yourself better.

Anyone want to join me in a smoke free happy dance?

Love KB


Missy said...

Does a smoke free happy dance with KB

(( (__!__) )) Wiggle Wiggle
``````1l ll
``````11 ll
``````11 11
`````(_l l_)

Anyway I was trying to dance there :)

Missy said...

Man my legs were way off hehehehe

(( (__!__) ))
~~ll ll
~~ll ll
~~ll ll
~(_l l_)

Okay lets see if that one turned out

Missy said...

Well almost

Whitesnake said...

Hun, if it wasn't for your love and support nothing I do would be possible.
WE create the environment which is connducive to doing thngs.
I truly love you so totally and completely......

Thank you for being you..

Now does that dance go?

KB said...

*joins Steve and Missy in a happy dance* xxxx

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