Tuesday, May 18, 2010


The waves lapped across the white sand.
The ocean was calm as the sun tried to break through the clouds.
Not a soul could be seen, only a few seagulls making their presence known by squawking like spoilt children who hadn’t received what they wanted.
The sea breeze cooled the air. Its gentleness only adding to the surreal feeling of being at one with the world.
They sat close together just holding hands. Not a word spoken. Just the sounds of them breathing in the salty air.
A kiss beckoned. Passion sought, gratefully accepted.
If by shear chance a touch could be construed to be love making, they had made love. If a stolen glance expressed desire, then desire was theirs for the taking. If an embrace was seen as commitment, then they were committed.

The grass was soft and welcoming as they walked barefoot across it. The sand warm and inviting as their bare feet met it for the first time. The oceans waters cold as they walked through the waves as they came and went at their own leisure.

These are the times they shared. These are the moments remembered. These are the memories treasured. These things are what make them continue on.

That is the key to it all.



Missy said...

Steve I'm impressed tremendously with these words, it belays an awareness of how life should be.

A look, an embrace, a touch so much more than actually making love, these are the keys which feeds a woman's passion, the actual act of physical contact the cherry on the top.

Hugs to you and Karen! Sounds like you had a nice Holiday

Whitesnake said...

how the hell would you know?

did you take pictures?

KB said...

A wonderful day indeed. I love ya babe xxxx

Missy said...

Sure I did and I'm selling them to the highest bidder, it starts a 1 mil :)

Whitesnake said...

I lovve you so much my darling...xxxx


Start at 10 mil and work down........The naked ones will bring in the big bucks...please don't sell my spotted butt one though its a classic

Dee Martin said...

Bwuhahah very romantic and beautiful until I got to the comments :)

Wayne Pitchko said...

nicely done..thanks for sharing...and the pics...well Im just a poor retired Nuckhead .from Canada

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