Monday, May 17, 2010


We dropped Coco off at the kennels for one night as we prepared for our first night away.
The day was warm but windy. I reckon the weather couldn't make up its mind as to what it really wanted.
We arrived at the country club about 2pm and settled in.
KB loves her bath and she does her best writing and thinking in there.
She had already purchased some bubble bath especially for the occasion and she was hopeful that I too would induldge in this wonderfully relaxing experience.
Me and bubble baths.....Ha! Ha!

So with a wine and a warm to hot bubble bath awaiting KB slip in and relaxed.
AS for me I had my Steinlager Pures to drink and a kingsize bed to lounge in.

It's strange our relationship. Even when we are together we need to be close. We both said from the very start that we need our space but I find the closer I am with KB I actually get my space. Strange indeed.
So it didn't take long before I took my beer and a chair and sat in the bathroom and talked with KB as she indluged in her bubble bath.

Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words.
We did and always will.

Thank you KB for a wonderful night.
I love you more now than ever.



KB said...

Thank you for sharing this special night with me. The bubble bath was my favourite time too. Love ya xxxx

Stan Ski said...

The closer we get to people we love, the more space we have to express our love.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a bath of champagne next time - the ultimate bubble bath!

Whitesnake said...

Keeth A bubble bath has ta be warm to hot.......geeeezzzzzzzzzz
hot champers..........yuck!

Good grief ................might pee in it........what a waste.

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