Sunday, March 7, 2010

Quote of the week!

As you don't know, ........... KB is a wonder ta live with. She comes up with some CLASSIC quotes and it is here I am gonna share one or two as they come along.
Well at least once a week!

At a certain time of the month females can be quite irrational but not my KB.
After suffering a wee headache she turns ta me and says.

"Can we make babies till menopause?"
Oh and this one.......... "You can tell they are the bad ones. They are wearing BLACK!"

Lots of love
Whitesnake xxxx


KB said...

We should have done this a long time ago babe. So many silly things I say which I can't remember now. I'm glad you left off the one about stimulation but I have a feeling I'll never forget that.

My favourite is stll - I'm so paranoid I think the person in front of me is following me.


Missy said...

When the babies start coming, I better get the first heads up!!! LOL should I start putting together a baby goody basket right now?????

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