Friday, December 11, 2009


really hate the lying,
really hate the game,
really hate pretending,
to them it's all the same.
looking at you,
looking back at me,
wonder what is wrong,
something they can't see.
must we let them fool us?
must we go insane?
must we let them confuse us?
by taking all the blame?
does this mean were right?
does it mean we're wrong?
does it really matter?
they sing the same old song!
they try to confuse and fool us,
say they're reaching out too far,
say we are to blame,
think they're some super star.
our minds getting stronger,
they don't like what's going on,
tell us we are the fools,
they got it somewhat wrong.
that noose is getting tighter,
body getting weak,
stay silent,
they think we are a freak.
must not let them fool us,
haven't got no freedom,
isn't getting better,
something is quite wrong.
start to speak ones mind,
then they put the foot right down,
tell them how it ends,
that's when they go to town.
they talk about creating,
but all they do is kill,
say their gonna mend it,
but they never ever will
tell them it's the end,
they say no no no!
because they know it all!

Whitesnake's do it better .................... maybe?

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