Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pub and Grub: Barrel Inn

The Barrel Inn Howick was the place I got together with my mates for my 51st birthday.
It is a nice little place but a wee bit dark and dingy although this is suppose to be an Irish pub so one has to make allowances.
 The boys and I got there around 11am on a Wednesday. The place opens at 10am and can be found at 15 Cook St Howick.
Phone (09) 535 5540 for reservations.

We had a few beers before ordering something to eat.
There was a variety of beers to choose from.
They have a set menu and then there is the specials board.

I ordered the Pioneer Chicken, Greg ordered the Fish n Chips while Ian got stuck into the Seafood Chowder.
No one complained about the food so I guess Greg and Ian enjoyed theirs.
I ate all of mine and must say it was very tasty.
Pioneer Chicken is a breast of chicken cooked with a crust of herbs and spices. Throw on some chips and salad and that’s your lot

I was slightly disappointed that there wasn’t something more to the dish or maybe I was expecting too much. I found the service great when you got it but having to ask for another beer whilst the bartender is reading the paper is a bit much.
For me the Barrel Inn is just another pub that doesn’t really stand out from the crowd and for the meal I got I think the price was a couple of dollars too much.
I would go again but just with my mates and maybe have a bowl of wedges rather than a full meal.
Service was average, quality and taste of meal good, price for what I got below par.

KB and Whitesnake


KB said...

Wish I'd been there. It's a cute, little place but I agree the food is over priced.

Missy said...

Sometimes these pubs mostly cater to the drinking aspects, rather than the eating, I guess they figure once you down a pint or two you just don't care about the quality of food.

Great review

Magdalen Islands said...

We have one pub here that serves a mean flame broiled hamburger and homemade fries but it lacks in service. A close friend is the owner, lol, so my review would be somewhat biased. The meal you mention was it fish cakes ( or lobster pancakes ( or seafood pizza (don't know where that is off hand.

KB said...

The fish cakes looked really good but come back any time and post your recipe links my friend.

Magdalen Islands said...

I won't be doing a lot of recipes, only that which is indigenous to the islands, lol, which means, fish, seal or salt..., maybe cranberry and blueberry too.

KB said...

Looking forward to them.

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