Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Olde Bailey

The Olde Bailey sounds like a pub and is a pub that use to be called the Cock n Bull. That was until it was sold off and the name Olde Bailey came about.
This pub has an Irish, English feel about it and of course it is a mere
stones throw or two from home.There is nought fancy about it but it does have a wee bit of character inside. It even use to have a picture of Saddam Hussein in the pee trough until some frigging do gooder made a complaint. That's the biggest problem over here, some one is offended and the whole of NZ gets on the bandwagon.
Anyways, the staff are friendly and the food is simple but good. It is a place ya stop off at when ya heading out a place to take a few friends for a drink and a chat.
The pub can be found at 272 Te Rakau Road Pakuranaga the other thing to remember about this place is it is family friendly and that is always a good thing.
All in all the Olde Bailey is a place where one can enjoy a drink and a bar menu at a reasonable price. Basically that is what we all are after really! Do give it a try and on Sundays they do a roast. Check out the menu pic!

Cheers KB and Whitesnake


Missy said...

I love reading your pubs post. I feel like I'm on a trip with y'all. This is one pub I'd enjoy!!

KB said...

I always thought it was called the OLe Bailey...learn something new every day living with you xxxx

JJ said...

Wish I could be there! And the political situation seems to be the same world over. People pee on us all the time, and we get to smile and say thank you. No one ever starts a national movement. Oh well.

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