Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Carry On Tuesday

The prompt from C.O.T. this week is...Does the road wind uphill all the way

Does the road wind uphill all the way
Where does the dark go on a sunny day
Does the sky really rain cats and dogs
In an empty forest, who hears the crash of logs

Without faith, does God truly exist
What actually happens when we lose hand over fist
These questions I ponder, the answers allude me
But one riddle I know will always confuse me
If falling in love is simply a chemical reaction
How do I feel true love in his every action


Stan Ski said...

With the right combination of elements, it's possible...

KB said...

I know it's not just chemical :)

Missy said...

Just one thought regarding God as to his existence :) Take for instance the DNA strand, within this strand houses all the intricacies of life human, animal or plant so on, so on,

It's that exact chromosome which makes us human. Is this a matter of chance, no way!!! Intelligent, loving and oh so wise Our Creator is. :) Okay end of that thought.

Beautiful, thoughtful and reflective. Love this piece my friend

Whitesnake said...

It's a chain reaction that combines all elements!
Love this and you xxxx

Jingle said...

faith is critical.

Anonymous said...

Chemical or not, love is luverly! Love it.
There's a challenge for you at the bottom of this post :-


KB said...

Thanks all x

Claudia said...

..i refuse thinking of love just as a chemical reaction..and if it would be one - it's for sure the nicest chemical reaction and all teachers should teach about it in their chemistry lessons...smiles

KB said...

I agree with you, Claudia.

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