Sunday, May 23, 2010


I've had a wonderful week with my man. He's at work at the moment and I've really missed him today. I think he's feeling a bit glum because he's been working so hard recently. I on the other hand am feeling content and happy with my lot.

This week we started a Gratitude Journal. I used to keep one years ago and found it helpful. I would take a few minutes a day to think about what I was grateful for and note these things down. Some days I would write heaps and others I would only manage to think of the basics. I loved it because it made me more aware of what was happening in the moment and I focused on the positive rather than the negative.

Anyway, we've been noting down what we are grateful for in each other. It's fun and makes me grin whenever I read what Steve has written in there. I can hear you all're either thinking, 'that's so cute,' or 'where's a bucket when I need one?'

The highlight of my week was a card I received in the mail. It was about Soul Mates and was addressed to me as Mrs......I don't actually go by that name but I will one day soon. That should send Missy into another frenzy!

Time for me to go and pick Steve up from work. There's a storm coming tonight so I'm looking forward to picking him up and getting back to safety.

Love KB


S E E Quine said...

Aw! So glad you're happy! I myself am missing my man right now because he's off camping while I'm holding down the fort.
` He really, really made me proud last week, though... and you can see the movie on my blog!

Whitesnake said...

The best part of my working day is coming home to YOU babe ........
The best part of my days off with you is every single moment!

I love you so very much and being awy from you even for a short time is sometimes very trying......
Roll on a lotto win!
Love you babe....very very much........XXXXX

Nazish Rahman said...

great :)

KB said...

Thanks y'all.

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