Friday, April 23, 2010


well I wanted a woman just like you,
no one else would ever do,
i dreamed of you in my head,
thought you would come when i'm dead,
you breathed life into my soul,
it's a story that has to be told,
we are never going to be alone.

when i cry, when i hurt,
you are the beating of my heart,
a story begged to be told,
a woman i just want to hold
feeling love with every word,
to most it seems quite absurd,
so you smile, i'm never going to be alone

Steve Boddey April 2010


KB said...

Being with you makes me the woman I am xxxx

Missy said...

*wipes a tear from her eye* Women love having men write poetry for them and being hugged!!!!

Nicely done Steve

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