Friday, September 23, 2011

Simply Delish (Spinach wrapped in Bacon)

Really speaking I (Whitesnake) don’t want to be a Masterchef; I do want to cook like one.
I would like to know all the tricks of the trade and apply then in our own kitchen.
I want to cook real quality food but without the complaint of a thumb print on the plate or that the toast was slightly burnt.
A meal doesn’t have to be perfect.
It should just taste fantastic.
I want to use fresh ingredients but not be regimental about it because to be truthful and for those of us living in the real world one does have to look at cost and availability.
You will notice all the so called brilliant chefs have money and contacts to get what they need.
We mere mortals do not! 
There are of course other things that irritate me about these so called cooking programs.
The special words they use like due/jew/jui or for us normal people sauce/gravy.
Speak to me in a way that I can understand.
“Potatoes geriatric.”  or “Mashed spuds” for us regular folk. 
I want to experiment with different ideas and flavours
I am not sure exactly what made me think of it; maybe I have seen it on TV but spinach/silver beet wrapped in streaky bacon as a side dish for a medium rare steak yum!

Enough spinach or silver beet to feed those that ya plan to feed.
Streaky bacon or Prosciutto.

Trim spinach/silver beet and place in a pan of rolling, boiling water and season with salt.
Put lid on pan and turn off.
When all spinach/silver beet has wilted drain and put aside to cool.
Lay out glad wrap on kitchen bench, double layered.
Enough to wrap and tie.
Place bacon or prosciutto strips on glad wrap.
Squeeze the spinach/silver beet to ensure all the water has been drained out of spinach/silver beet.
Roll into a log and place on bacon/prosciutto.
Carefully roll spinach/silver beet until bacon/prosciutto is completely wrapped around it.
Wrap in glad wrap tying a knot in one end.
Spin the other end until it becomes tight up against the log.
Tie a knot and refrigerate until required.

Layed out



Place a little oil in a pan and fry until bacon/prosciutto is cooked through.
Allow to cool and then slice and place on plate.

Any off cuts from any veggies can be used make stock or placed in the compost bin. NO WASTAGE
I rarely skin veggies unless I really have to.
The spinach/silver beets, get more than you think you need. It reduces quite a bit.
You only need enough bacon/prosciutto to wrap and overlap just a little.
The ends do not need to be covered by the bacon/prosciutto.
When you place in fry pan place the joining side down first.
Pan must be hot to seal the join.
Once you are happy with the seal you can turn the pan to a lower heat and roll it over till cooked all around.
Served with potatoes broccoli and steak!
Spinach wrapped in  bacon
We hope you enjoy.
KB and Whitesnake

Here's the linky, you know what to do.

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Michelle B said...

What?! Bacon wrapped presents?! This is awesome. Especially since spinach is my favorite veg. Would love to have some of these sitting in my fridge. In total agreement on stock & composting.

Thanks for hosting! Have a great weekend.

KB said...

I always enjoy your comments, MM.

Create With Joy said...

I am all for fantastic taste!

I linked up 2 recipes this week that will not disappoint in the taste department - Fried Corn, a recent discovery that I am now hooked on, and Chocolate Babka - a decadent delight that is perfect for gift giving (lest you pack on the pounds!) :-)

Enjoy and have a fabulous weekend!


Dudut said...

thanks for the invitation to join simply delish saturday, i am honored!

just linked my post!

thanks for sharing your unique recipe of bacon and spinach, two of my favorite ingredients :)

happy weekend!

Pinoy Kitchenette said...

Sharing my first entry! thanks for the invite!
i love the bacon and spinach combo you have here :)

imriz said...

spinach sushi:) that is interesting. wanna try it,too:)
btw, thanks for the invitation. you are sweet:)

Dhemz said...

oh,my! looks appetizing....thanks for dropping by! would love to join this meme....:)

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